Post Brexit EU Diplomacy Redux 

by ofthewedge

Council meeting 

Member states: We have a problem.

Commission: Let’s do something. We will propose a solution in the European interest.

France: I agree we must do something in the European interest but national governments should be in the lead. [i.e. France.]

Germany: I welcome the Commission proposal but we will need to study details of the proposal.  [i.e. We have to manage Koalition politics and all the Länder]

In the margins 

France: I understand you have prepared a draft alternative to the proposal. 

Germany: Yes we have, but it is not fully mature. 

France: Perhaps you can share this with us informally in a spirit of solidarity.

Germany: Ok here you are,but we expect you to share your draft with us also. 

Council meeting 

France: This is the alternative proposal from France.

Belgium, Italy, Spain, Luxembourg: We would like to congratulate France on its proposal. 

Germany: ?!&@!?