Guest poet


Life is a game

A game we all have to play

We played it yesterday, and we play it today

When you’re born, the game begins

You learn to do all kinds of things

Then you go  to crèche, and made friends

But when you finish, you go to nursery school

That’s where you learn to be with others

And learn to properly speak

But when you go to primary

It all gets harder

Not as hard as in high school

Where you learn a lot more

But when you graduate it’s not the same

Here, you play the game alone

And go to university

After that, you live, you choose, you care

You can have kids

You can get married

You can go on holiday

You can spend time with your family

But when the next step comes … death

What do you do then, is it the end of the game?

Mathilda, 10 ans