by ofthewedge

My three-old is inclined to arrange objects in a line at regular intervals, a series of temporary installations which she invariable calls ‘a train’.

Last night’s ‘train’ rested on what we can assume to be a ‘track’ of a beige, two-metre strip of paper, punctuated by foam packaging which we may consider represent sleepers, one of which bore an lapel of artificial white carnations.

The end of the strip of paper overlay the first of three cardboard boxes, which constituted I suppose the carriages of the train.

These carriages contained in turn:

  • one Hello Kitty scooter
  • a playing card
  • two pucks of a mini hockey game
  • a slightly deflated red ball
  • an ensemble of three toy cars and a green train engine
  • goal posts
  • the device for moving aforementioned pucks
  • a farmyard sow
  • a wooden skyscraper
  • the base of a plastic replica cup cake
  • three further playing cards
  • a dog
  • the façade of London Victoria station
  • a box of animal cards
  • Apple tv remote control
  • two soiled socks
  • a match-sized football
  • a racing car
  • a second base of a cup cake
  • the two cup cakes
  • another set of animal cards
  • the thing for hitting the pucks

And at the head of the train, two children’s chairs lying on their backs.