How I responded to Jeremy Corbyn’s consultation of the membership

by ofthewedge

This survey is not about Syria, as you present it. It is about whether to agree with the Tory Government to use our air force to drop bombs on Daesh targets in Syria.
There are a lot of men in Syria, especially those fighting for Daesh, who consider it an honour to be cruel and murderous toward the world around them. If this unique diplomatic moment allows the UK to use its military force to diminish the ability of these men to perform wicked acts, even by killing them, then the UK should do it. It is a horrible thing to do, but it is, on balance, better than doing nothing. And just talking about the problem, is tantamount to doing nothing.
I hope that one day technology will enable good people to stun bad people before they do bad things; to freeze them in the act before the harm is done, and then force them to talk and negotiate. So that, in the process of attempting to prevent harm, nobody gets harmed, not even the person intending to commit the harm. Technology might get us there one day. Human nature, which is at core brutal and animalistic, and by evolution, gratuitously destructive, will not.